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Comprehensive Home Care Pol. & Pro. Hard Copy - 3rd Ed.

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  • The Third Edition of the Comprehensive Home Care Policies and Procedures Manual is a vital tool for any Home Care Manager or RN providing Home Care and Assisted Living Services in a Housing with Services Setting. The manual features over 140 sample policies and procedures, forms and checklists to comply with and manage operations of a Comprehensive Home Care Agency. Many of the documents have been developed by business experts, Barbara J. Blumer, Barb Blumer Law, P.A., Eagan, Michelle Klegon, Klegon Law, and Lores Vlaminck, Lores Consulting. Included, for example, are sample procedures related to the Admission Process, Dementia Training and Disclosure Requirements, Service Agreements, Medication Management, Job Descriptions, and Orientation Checklists. Resources, such as how to develop a Quality Management Plan or a Client Record Self-Audit Form, are included as well as copies of significant laws and bulletins, and links to other helpful resources.