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Keeping Love Ones & Residents Connected & Informed During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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    JANE DANNER, Director of Resident Engagement and Development, Volunteers of America, Eden Prairie JODI BOYNE, Vice President of Public Relations, LeadingAge Minnesota, St. Paul

    PURPOSE Equip AL/HWS and care center staff with essential knowledge about how to build and sustain effective communications between residents and their loved ones during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. CONTENT Communication – Resident and Family Focused • Discuss effective and ongoing strategies designed to keep residents and their loved ones connected and informed when visitor access is restricted. • Describe specific strategies that can be used to maintain connections between residents who have difficulty communicating with their loved ones due to memory loss, stroke, etc. • Recognize the importance of providing reassuring messages to residents, family and staff that will help lower their stress and anxiety in these challenging times. • Gain tools for reducing isolation and maintaining a sense of community in your setting that a variety of staff can help with when large group activities are no longer possible. Communication – In Times of Crisis • Become familiar with best practices in crisis communications – both internal, as well as external that will help you deliver consistent and accurate messaging. • List trustworthy sources of information on COVID-19 that will help you prepare your own communications.